For Developers

Thread was designed with one goal in mind: to create the very best way to connect and control products in the home.

Built on open standards and IPv6/6LoWPAN protocols, Thread’s approach to wireless networking offers numerous technological advantages, including a secure and reliable mesh network with no single point of failure, simple connectivity and low power. All Thread networks are easy to set up and secure to use with banking-class encryption to close security holes that exist in other wireless protocols.

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For Consumers

The connected home is gaining widespread adoption as customers see the benefits of device-to-device communication in their everyday lives.

Thread’s wireless networking protocol, based on established networking standards, is designed to simply, securely and reliably connect hundreds of products around the home. Thread networks are easy to set up so devices can be up-and-running in a matter of minutes on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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For Retailers

Building the connected home has never been easier – thanks to Thread.

Thread’s powerful technology addresses the need for a better way to connect products in the home. Users can simply and securely connect hundreds of devices to each other and to the cloud using proven Internet Protocols in a low-power, wireless mesh network.

Thread is backed by innovative, leading brands that are defining the connected home lifestyle. The technology supports a wide variety of products from home appliances to climate control, lighting, safety and security systems. When customers purchase products bearing the “BUILT ON THREAD” logo they can rest assured that devices have undergone rigorous testing and certification to ensure they connect effortlessly and securely.

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